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Research Lab 491


You've heard the rumors from the deranged and mentally unstable of hidden research facilities out in the 'Verse. Whether the stories are about experimentation on wurms, frightening tests on human subjects, or crazy scientists exploring the unknown, you know if the stories are true that no one has ever returned from one with their sanity intact. Suddenly, you find yourself there, locked underground in Research Lab 491, at the mercy of a mad biochemist who goes by the name Mac. Explore and escape the research facility while trying not to become the experiment.

BioChemist Research Group


This is a one shot. You have been kidnapped and must discover who or what is behind it. Escape the research facility alive, not infected, and cause mayhem on your way out.

To join this game, message in the Infinite Black discord group in the looking for game channel. This game is run by Delphi.

I Want Your Skulls


This is a game run by Brian Colin during the online convention Murder Hobo Con.

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