Facility23 and Dungeon23 is coming in the new year

If you follow TTRPG people on twitter, you may have seen a lot of hashtags with Dungeon23 or Facility23. The idea is that you create a room each day in 2023, with each month being a separate level.

The original concept for this was created by Sean McCoy of Tuesday Night Games. You can read his full post here.

By the time the year is over you have a Mega-Dungeon! The concept of this exercise to do a little each day is a great way to get yourself in the habit of creating.

Facility23 leans more towards Sci-Fi, which is what I will be using.

I’ve decided that I want to explore Marauder’s Cryosfear. I did a quick proof of concept for how a particular month could work. This will not be January, but it gives me a starting point for how I may approach it.

If you get in on this, please share with our community!

– Brian

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