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Safety Tools

Anyone who is running Vast Grimm should implement Safety Tools at their table, whether it be virtual or in person.

At the beginning of each game, the GM and players should establish Lines and Veils.

Lines are specific things that may occur in the universe of Vast Grimm, but should never come into play at the game table. We have a hard Line against sexual violence in any Vast Grimm game. Other Lines should be up to the players and GM to determine.

Veils are specific things that may happen in gameplay but should be glossed over without too much detail or cutting away from the scene to not describe at all. The events occur but do so in a way to respect anyone who has request the subject matter to be a Veil.

Lines and Veils should be fluid and able to be added to at any time during the game.

We also encourage the use of the X card whether it is a physical piece of paper that a player can touch or a direct message with an X in an online game. The X card allows the GM to stop a scene and skip over it in the event a player is uncomfortable with what is happening.