RADiculous Terror Episode 1 – Recap

The Legion found themselves floating close to the Waste Barges of Khalar after the auxiliary contingulator core in their Yahthole, “Hollow Serenade”, died. Nearly running on the fumes of their life support, the Legion was lucky to be so close to this colony of scavengers.

Once among the waste barges, the Legion was able to track down the part they needed from Axtin Savage, a shifty-eyed trader on one of the outlying barges. Just before heading back to the Hollow Serenade the Legion was stopped by three of King Saule’s bruisers accused of taking something that belongs to the king.

After making their way to the great hall of the king, many of the king’s people step away from the walls which they blended into as Saule threatened to cut off the hand of Matisse. Because he had taken an ancient small bank in the shape of a chubby boy, wearing overalls, and holding a plate with a burger high above his head. Once returned to the king, he smashes it open on the ground to reveal a jump drive hidden inside.

The King claims that the Legion owes him. Kines057 sweeps up the jump drive and then plugs it into himself after a bit of hesitation. A starmap pops up with a planetoid labeled ARCHON. The map is believed to work like a treasure map, leading to pieces of a weapon rumored to be able to fight off the würms for good.

On the way out Matisse distracts the “sheriff” who wears a plastic star as a badge and steals it right off the bruiser’s jacket.

Kines057 takes the salvaged part back to the ship with Matisse, and replaces the part, but does not get a secure connection.

After Kines057 reviews the jump drive, rolling a natural 20, he discovers that there are schematics for a a giant cannon-like device along with maps to locations of other parts to put this puzzle together.

CC is piloting the Hollow Serenade, trying to work his way through a hidden forcefield surrounding ARCHON, failing, then spending a Favor to not crash the ship. Dr. Z spends a Favor to help grab the wheel and manages to fly through the electropulse charged field allowing the ship to make it into the atmosphere.

The surface of the planet looks as though it is made by humans, metallic and constructed. The homing beacon is guiding the ship into the middle of a mountain range. Matisse looks on the ship scanners to see if he can find any biological life signs near where they are about to land only to find out there is something attached to the outside of the ship!

CC decides to try and corkscrew the ship and then slam on the breaks. Matisse quickly buckles in. CC is doing a horrible job flying as he does a nose dive. Dr. Z is thrown off balance, smacking into the wall. Kines057 is able to fall properly and land safely.

CC completely crashes the ship hitting hard. All remaining sensors are going off, warning of noxious fumes. Systems are in critical failure. At times that are too late, Kines057 will have auto-recordings/announcements playing.

Everyone gets out of the ship except Matisse, who is trying to save the booze, and personal items.

CC and Dr. Z begin fighting the Salazarite who is now waking from hibernating on the ship. Kines057 is working to patch up Dr. Z.  After quite a bit of effort, lots of shots fired, and Kines057 activating an Electric Axe Tribute, the Legion kills the Salazarite just as their ship explodes.

The map Kines057 reviews the map to see the archway ahead, lying between two mountains “Enter Here, Enter Here”.

Blood from the Salazarite is flowing into the cracks of the circuit looking ground.

As Dr. Z and Kines057 approach the archway, a large mechanical eye on the top opens up sending out a green line of light scanning the people in front of it. After scanning Kines057, a tunnel into the mountains is revealed.

As they look back at their lost ship, Matisse gives everyone a shot of his homebrewed liquor and gives them each a gift he retrieved from their rooms.